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 Alan Holey Television Ltd.


DV Cam Hire

The company has a Sony PD170 DV Cam

which will be upgraded later in the year to a

Sony HVR-Z1E HDV professional camcorder.


Footage shot in HDV and down converted before

or after editing is superior to ordinary DV.


The camera is available for hire with or without

an operator in the UK and in the Canary Islands.


At under 5kgs the PD170 and radio mic can be

carried as hand luggage in itís Portabrace bag.

The camera comes with a Portabrace lightweight

carry bag, 3 batteries and charger, Sony radio

microphone and receiver, Sennheiser HD25

headphones, Manfrotto 503 tripod and 525 head,

remote zoom controller, 7inch LCD monitor with

Magic Arm mount, W/A and 16:9 anamorphic lens,

Lastolite 38inch 5 in 1 diffuser and reflector,

12 volt Paglight M and batteries.


For further information and hire rates please use the contact facility.

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