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Bryants Court Cottage


Ross on Wye, England


No.20 Mogan Plaza

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 Alan Holey Television Ltd.


Production Projects

Alan Holey Television Ltd is currently shooting material in Gran Canaria to produce a program on the lives of people in Puerto Mogan. The emphasis is on people who visited Puerto Mogan in the “early days” before or as the development of the port and marina was beginning. Why did they go there in the first place and why did they decide to stay and make Puerto Mogan their home. What made people just happen to arrive at Puerto Mogan in the mid eighties. Ex hippies or shrewd business people it has them all.

Video sells! Promotional videos are can be produced to promote hotels and restaurants, leisure, travel and sporting activities. See your sailingcharter operation on DVD or streamed to the world wide web.


Using Avid’s Express Pro HD multi camera editing mode, live cuts can be made using up to 4 sources of recorded footage at any one time. Videos of pop groups can be easily produced quickly and to a budget.

Whether you are an international real estate company or just an individual who wants to sell a property we can produce a video to show prospective purchasers what will hopefully be their dream home. The finished video can be burnt on to DVD with the sound track laid down in up to 5 languages. The DVD can be used as a part of a presentation in real estate offices, viewed on a monitor in window while the office is closed and can be posted around the world to potential purchasers.

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