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DV Editing

AHTV has a PC editing system which runs Avid

Express Pro HD and a Mojo. Avid editing software

is acknowledged as the broadcasting industry

standard and projects can be easily taken into

facilities and editing houses for completion.


This state of the art laptop non linear editing

system uses an Alienware MJ-12m 7700 which

is fully qualified by Avid. It has a 17 high

resolution screen, 2x60 gig hard drives, 2 gig of

ram, DVD burner and can edit DV, HDV and

even small amounts of SD Digi Beta.

The main advantage of this editing system is

that it is totally portable and at just under 5kgs

can be carried as aircraft hand luggage. Initial

edits can be carried out on site, up a mountain,

on a boat, in a hotel room or at the local bar.


Edited material can be transferred back to tape,

whether digital or analogue, or burnt to DVD.


For availability and hire rates please use the

contact facility.

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